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Professional Grade Bright Yellow GELCOAT by Epoxy World, no wax, 16-128 oz w/ MEKP

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Now includes an activator kit with catalyst, dropper style bottle, measuring vial, stirrers and detailed instructions.

Professional grade exterior gelcoat without wax*. Includes the MEKP (catalyst).  

Sizes from 1 pint to a full gallon. 

Supreme quality and professional tooling gelcoat.  Well suited for a wide range of quality, open faced and lay up applications.  Sprayable application, excellent leveling characteristics, resistant to cracking, highflexibility and UV stable. Free MEKP catalyst with the order.

*Contains NO WAX, means this gelcoat is not suitable for using as a topcoat (finishing) unless wax is added to it.  See our listings for the proper wax additive.

The gelcoat with no wax is use for applying into a mold and then building a part with resin and mat or cloth over it.  It stays a bit tacky, so the cloth/mat can really stick to it.  You can always add the wax to the unwaxed gelcoat, it's a liquid.

The gelcoat with wax is used as a topcoat like you would paint.  It dries completely to the touch and can be sanded and polished.   423

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