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Pneumatic Fiberglass Chopper Gun p/n CDA-16 with Free blades & extra roller

  • 45999

 Pneumatic Fiberglass Chopper Gun 

This is the brand new and improved version with the larger air motor for even better cutting of the strand roving and superior efficiency.

Perfect for both large and small jobs.  Air chopper can chop from 1/4" to 3" long strands simply by adding or subtracting blades. Safe and easy to operate, these choppers are also an excellent tool for field repairs.  Includes extra roller and blades.  Manufactured in the USA by ES  Manufacturing.  See my other listings for replacement blades & rollers (anvil).  

3.5 LB per minute output with 1" long strand.
Air Requirements: 3.5CFM @80 PSI

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