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Fiberglass Multi Strands Gun Roving, available in 75 or 250 yard rolls

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Fiberglass Multi Strands Gun Roving

75 or 250 yards of continuous multi strand gun roving.  
Material in this form exhibits the highest properties achievable for a given fiber family.
They are typically supplied on spools so that they may be fed into filament winders or unrolled and cut as they are needed for selective stiffening.
The fibers must remain in tension as the resin cures or the mechanical advantage is lost.
Once in service, kinks in the tow must be pulled straight before the fiber will hold the load. It is possible to wind extremely strong tubes using this form of material.  1222

  • Has many uses from building custom fishing rods, making odd shape fiberglass items, reinforcements of molds, etc.  No need to purchase a huge roll for small projects.
  •  Excellent mold and radii conformance
  •  Rapid wet through and complete wet out
  •  Ease of rollout and air release 
  • Versatility in different chopper guns and transfer systems 
  • Good laminate properties and wet strength retention.

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