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PARTALL #10 PVA from REXCO Corp. mold release. PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol)

Green Liquid Release, traditional alcohol based effective mold release with superior lay-out qualities, designed for spray application (also suitable for roller or sponge), water soluble yet solvent resistant. 

The dry PVA film is resistant to the solvents in the resin system used to make composites parts but is soluble in water. It is particularly recommended as a parting agent for separation between polyester or epoxy resins and various mold surfaces but may be used with most thermoset resins. PARTALL Film #10 is not recommended for use with resin or substrates containing water or giving off water during cure. PARTALL Film #10 parts easily from mold surface and is readily dissolved from molded parts and spray equipment with water. For most composite casting processes PARTALL Film #10 is used over wax or other mold release agents. 

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